Try Kangri Dham, Kangra Most Popular Occasional Food

Kangri Dham is one of the most popular occasional foods not even in Kangra district but around the Himachal Pradesh. This is also known as traditional lunch that is served in Kangra region of Himachal Pradesh in the traditional marriages of Himachal Pradesh. This particular occasional food is so popular most of us kangri’s, we frequently enjoy these Dham on every occasion arrange by our relatives, neighborhoods and others.
Kangri Dham is cooked by Boti’s only who are Brahmin. As you can see below, this food is cooked in the special vessels and by using special masalas. The preparations for Dham begin a night before with the help of all neighborhoods. All the neighborhoods get together for cutting the vegetables such as potato, tomato, beans, Gobi and many others. In the Kangri Dham includes many yummy and species dishes including plain rice, Madra (Panner, Rajmah, Mukund Badi/ Sepu Badi, While Grams etc.) different kinds of pulses and one of the best and popular is Chane ka Khatta, Palda and Meethe Chawal (sweet rice).

Kangri Dham Special Vessels

All the Dishes vary from the district to another as per local culture. In the Kangra Dham is not complete without “Kaale Chane ka Khatta”. After completing all the dishes, all the dishes served one by one. For enjoying these dishes all the people’s setting on floor in lines.

Images of Kangri Dham: Here I am also adding some of the Kangri Dham Images and hope you will enjoy these all like this post. 

Images of Kangri Dham


  1. Hi Manu,

    Sounds interesting :)

    Although I've been to Himachal many times, I've not yet tried Kangri Dham! All I tried last time was Madra and that was pretty good and different. I think cooking them in these vessels makes it all the more tasty.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead :)

  2. Hi Harleena,
    Happy to see your valuable comment around my blog. And yes the taste of all the dishes is quit differ and yummy because of all these special vessels. Dham is really around Himachal Pardesh.
    Thanks again for stopping your comment here. Keep in touch!!

  3. Hello Renu,
    I think this is your first visit around my blog and I am happy to see your comment.
    Oh yes, Kangri Dham is really very yummy and loved all the people's around the Himachal Pradesh. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts :)

  4. Himachal Pradesh is a beautiful state. Kangra is one of the places that I'd definitely like to visit someday. Thanks for bringing out a lovely story and pictures!

    1. Hello Renuka,
      Thanks for your valuable comment. You really make my day to visiting around my blog site. Sorry for the late reply but I'm happy to see you here. Hope you visit again and again my site and share your opinions,
      Thanks !

  5. Hiii Renuka,
    Thanks for dropping your first valuable comment under my blog. Yes, Kangra is really and amazing place around Himachal and visited by numbers of people's every year. The place its mainly know for its traditional culture.
    Hope you keep visiting for further updates !

  6. Manu,
    I think this way of cooking and serving is a SPECIAL way of showing its culture and traditional in the way of sharing the food with the neighborhood and friends. As i can see, everyone is equally given its share of food and everyone is enjoying it.I don't know much about the places of India but i can tell that the food cooked in those special pots are exotic and delicious. A very good presentation of culture and tradition..Keep it up..


  7. hiii manu,
    By creating these blogs, you are really donig a gr8 job ..By doing these kind of things u are not only promoting the himachali culture bt also connecting with so many himachali people who are rite now not at their home town and missing such kind of activity and places,even i m also missing kangri keep going on , alive himachli culture and update new things.godbless you.and anything that we can contribute in it or we can help you in any way then please tell us. :-)

  8. Hello Joy Ann Corton,
    Thanks for adding such a valuable comment here. Please keep it touch with this blog site.

  9. Hello Dear Brother Rajat Goswami,
    This is your first visit in my blog and I am really happy to see you around this blog site. As you talk about this, here my main motto to share the Himachal and Kangra culture and some of my personal experiences.
    This is my pleasure if you want to contribute some of posts related to Kangra and Himachal under this blog.
    You can write any topic that is related to our Valley.....!!
    Nice Weekend !!

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