Deepavali (दीपावली) – One of the Popular Himachal Pradesh Festivals

Deepavali (दीपावली) is one of the most popular festivals not even in Himachal Pradesh but all around India. Festival is also celebrating by other countries including Singapore Mylisha etc. All the people’s wait this festival whole the year and enjoy a lot allot with their friends, family and relatives, send wishes to their loved one. So are you ready to celebrate Diwali 2013 Festival with your loved ones? It is just few days around the corner. Now one Question arises……! When is Diwali in 2013??

As we all know the date of this festival is falls in either in October or November each year, it’s depending on the series of the moon. In the year 2013 Diwali is on November 3 in India. In the past two or three years in India confusion on every festival how its exact date, same in Diwali festival 2013. But according to the Panchangam Calendar it is celebrating on 3 November.

Diwali is Indian festival and also celebrating in my District (Kangra) Himachal Pradesh every year with happiness. This is also known as “Deepavali”, which is originated from the Sanskrit, this word Dīpāvalī in Hindi write as (दीपावली). This festival in reality runs for five days (Dhanteras, Chotti Diwali, Diwali, Padwa and Bhai Dooj), beginning with Dhanteras, although the main celebration happens on the third day. In the 2013 Dhanteras is on November 1, on that day people buy silver, gold and steel vessels and many other home essentials. All the people believed Goddess Lakshmi visits all the houses and blesses them with wealth and prosperity. November 2 is Naraka Chaturdashi also known as (Choti Diwali). November 3 is Diwali main day when all the Indian worship Goddess Lakshmi. Here I am also attaching table below you can clear more about Diwali in 2013 here:-
1 November 2013, Friday
2 November 2013, Saturday
Choti Diwali (Naraka Chaturdashi)
3 November 2013, Sunday
Diwali / Lakshmi Puja
4 November 2013, Tuesday
Padwa (Govardhan Puja/Annakoot)
5 November 2012, Wednesday
Bhaiduj (Yama Dwitiya)
It is celebrated for the victory of the Good over the Evil and Light over the Darkness. All the people decorate their houses with Diwali Diyas, Rangoli, flowers bowls, paper lanterns and different kinds of lights etc.  The genuine joy of this festival starts while blast firecrackers and its looks are amazing and more charming all around. Many of people’s send wishes in the form of flowers, greeting cards to their love one, relatives, friends and family members.
Things to do In Diwali?
Buy wide range of gifts for yourself and send to your love ones.
Broaden love and happiness by sending gifts, greeting cards etc.
Perform Pujas and prayers by using different kinds of Diwali Diyas and lights.
Plan a trip or visit religious places.
Get together and make sun fun…. Enjoying dance by playing different kinds of MP3 songs.
Make a Rangoli and decorate houses.
Shop for clothes, smart mobiles phones and celebrate Dhanteras.


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