Memorable Trip by Road with My Friends from Paonta Sahib to Chakrata Uttarakhand

As you all know I am from Himachal Pradesh Kangra district and proud to be a Himachali. I am believe Indian culture including Himachal Pradesh is one of the most famous and colourful culture around the world. The main reason of behind it honesty people’s, our languages, art, music, dance etc. One place where you can really see the diversity and complexity of this culture is the Himachal Pradesh Kangra. There are also some of the places nearby or side from Himachal..... Where you can enjoy more and get a new adventure able travel experience. I am here talking about Chakrata Uttarakhand that is 71 KM away from the Paonta Sahib Himachal Pradesh.

On the month of February I and my friends make a plan to visit most famous and fascinating destination in Dheradhun district in the state of Uttarakhand, India. I am really remember that day of February highly rain fall and me and my friends setting on the office. Suddenly one of my friends came and talks about Chakrata Uttarakhand. Till the end I am not known about that such a wonder full place. He said with me why should we don’t make a trip to Chakrata for 2 or three days. Within a few minutes we are searching on the web about Chakrata and its attractive destinations and some of the accommodations.  We are only 8 guys including me Manu Jamwal, Ashu Ashwani, Mukul Vyas, Sanjeev Tantora, Gourav Dhiman, Vikash, Pardeep Sharma and Vaibhav Sain and book a hotel for night stay named Hotel Snow View. My friends decided to hair a car it’s more comfortable for group travel rather than visit through local buses.

My journey to Chakrata Uttarakhand hill station January 2013 starts from Paonta with a crazy Cap. It was the evening time while we started own journey and there are huge traffic on the road like other Indian roads. We are sharing and very comfortable seats in the cap and going with listening music, sharing cool drinks snacks or food and making fun. The main motto of this our trip to shown the snow fall and attain a new travel adventure experience. After 3 and half hours we will at Chakrata Uttarakhand bus stand. This place is really new for everyone so we are wasting little time to search on the hotel Snow View. All my friends including me happy once we arrived at hotel. After that one of my friends orders some of the fast food and soft drink and water. After little time we all are dance on the hotel room with different Punjabi and Himachali songs and after that enjoy delicious and yummy food.

Hmmm........ Enjoy dance with my friends in hotel room. This is really nice movement. Scary these types of movements can make your friendship stronger.  We had to prove it!! And let the journey begin… Bhooom!
All of my friends get ready early morning and happy to see the weather around Chakrata. After take a few food and drink we all are going to accomplish our main motto that to see the sown fall in the Chakrata hill station. The owner of the hotel suggests us where we can find nice look for snow and also provide some of the attractive destinations around Chakrata. Till the end we all are on final destination...... you all are close your eyes and just imagine how the view of the valley. I am really happy to see that and got impresses and feel Proud to be an Indian. All my friends playing with show for long time.

First click on the snow valley Chakrata Uttarakhand......... really memorable

My best friend Mukul Vyas playing with snow. This one of the nice click by my friend Gourave Dhiman.

After playing some of my friends plan to go on the top of the valley, it’s around 4 or 5 KM from my destinations. I am really enjoy my journey in this place and wish to visit again. In the Chakrata hill station I meet friendly people and avail many good memories.

Unforgettable..... The expression on eyes and faces!

My friend Ashu Ashwani ..... give a sign to start journey for that point. This is really a great tracking experience for all..!

Little Bit About Chakrata in Uttarakhand
Chakrata is one of the eye catching and fascinating destination in the Dheradhun district of Uttarakhand. This amazing destination visited by numbers of foreigners and Indian people’s every year. This is a basically cantonment area positioned between Tons River and Yamuna. This place is fully covered with oak trees and around 71 KM from Paonta Sahib Himachal Pradesh and around 100 KM North West of Dheradhun. This is really very nice and peaceful place and mostly you can enjoy of nature here. If you are plan to spend your holidays at one of the adventure able destination with your family, friends and love one then this really great place where you can get a new travel experience. The best time to visit this valley is April to June and September to November, but if you are visit here for doing some adventure then must visit in the month of December to February.
A real view of  Chakrata hill station....... miss this valley

Places to see in Chakrata
Following is the most famous places and attractions around Chakrata. These are as below:

Tiger Falls: Tiger falls is one of the major attraction in Chakrata is just 20 KM form Chakrata Uttarakhand. If you visit in Chakrata then don’t forget to visit in Tiger Falls with stock of food, snacks, soft drinks and beers. This is really an amazing experience to see this waterfall. This is one of the highest waterfalls in India falling from a height around 312 feet. Number of visitor visit this place and take millions of clicks with their mobiles phones and cameras.  
Tiger Fall Picture in  Chakrata

Chilmiri Neck: This is the peak point of Chakrata valley. Around this place quarters and mess of military cantonment are located. Here you can easily see the massive Himalayan peaks like Rohini Peak, Swarga Peak etc.

Kanasar: This place is just 28 KM away from Chakrata. This is also one of the famous places around Chakrata loaded with different kinds of tress such as deodar, pine etc.

Ram Tall Horticulture Garden: This garden is just 12 KM far from the Chakrata hill station and loaded with beautiful sloppy hills at Chakrata Mussoorie road.

This is really memorable and amazing trip to Chakrata hill station via road, as you can enjoy the scenic beauty of mountains, pleasant weather of valley and rivers. Till the end I really miss all these movements..... Really love this place and want to visit again.


  1. Hi,Really your blog creation style is good with unique content and in easily understandable way the photos which you have kept only tell the way you have enjoyed a lot .

  2. Thanks Santosh Chinna,
    Nice to see you here. Yes me and my friends really enjoy this trip. This is one of the memorable movement of my life.

  3. wow!! your blog is REALLY GOOD. with so many snaps and all, it's colourful and attractive!! keep posting!!

  4. Hello Prajoyeeta Kashyap,
    Happy to find your valuable comment here. Thanks for your appreciation. I am try post graceful and informative post day by day on my blog. Hope to visit again here, please join this site as member.

  5. Hi Manu,

    My first return visit to your blog, just as I'd said I would :)

    Oh yes...I've been all over Chakrata when I was younger with my Dad, and to Chamba and Dalhousie as well as we have friends and family there - they are worth to see places - away from the maddening crowd.

    Chakrata is amazing and a real get-away place, and so is Dalhousie, though nowadays it's getting populated too.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead :)

  6. Thanks Harleena for your valuable comment. Yes Chamba and Dalhousie is also one of the major attraction around Himachal Pardesh. This is a valley of attractions...... here many more amazing and eye catching destinations those attract the people's from different states and countries.
    Keep in Touch !

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