About Paonta and Paonta Sahib Gurudwara

Paonta Sahib General Information

350 meters
In Sirmour District
How to Reach
The place is easily accessible by road, rail as well by air. You can easily reach this place by road the nearest station is Nahan (just 45 K.M), also form Dheradhun (45 K.M). The nearest airport in Himachal is Jubbarhatti 145 km, nearest broad guage line is Yamunanagar 56 km.
Nahan 45 km., Shimla to Paonta Sahib 180 km., Chandigarh to Paonta Sahib 132 km, Dheradhun to Paonta (45 K.M)

Paonta Sahib Gurudwara
Paonta Sahib पांवटा साहिब, (ਪਾਂਉਟਾ ਸਾਹਿਬ) is one of the major attractions in the south of Sirmour district in Himachal Pradesh. This fabulous place is mainly famous for its gurudwara that is gurudwara Paonta Sahib. This gurudwara built in the memory of the tenth Guru of Sikh Guru Gobind Singh. This is small city situated on the banks of Yamuna River, number of visitors from different destinations visit this remarkable place. This town is also known for its growing industries, at this time there are more than 10 large industries and one of most famous and well known out of them is Ranbaxy. This gurudwara is house of the book Dassam Granth, which is written by Guru Gobind Sing himself. Guru Govind Sing is staying this gurudwara four year and after completing or wrote, they leave this place.

In the neighbouring of this gurudwara you will easily find or see pens, accessories and museum displaying the weapons or many other that are used at those times.  One of another major place is the Kavi Darbar, where pottery competition is held from time to time.

At the down of the Gurudwara you can also see the Yamuna River and ghat, and Radha Krishna and Shiva temple. This Yamuna River and ghat in Paonta is also attractive destination, and numbers of peoples of different towns and places visit every day. In the evening 7 PM every day arati of Yamuna River is held by the local priests. Number of peoples enjoys Yamuna snan in the month of May and June.

How to Reach Paonta Sahib Gurudwara
The place is well contacted with road, and by road is one of the easy and major ways for all the people who are planning to visit Paonta Sahib Gurudwara. This Gurudwara is easily approachable form Nahan (just 45 K.M), also form Dheradhun (45 K.M), Shimla 180 K.M. and form Haridwar just 117 K.M. There is regular bus services that is available 24 hours and you can also books caps and take your own cars.

Accommodation in Paonta Sahib
This eye catching town is also offers you fine or luxury accommodation facility. All the visitors who are reaching Paonta Sahib Gurudwara can stay in the Gurudwara also. Gurudwara committee provide fine accommodation to all the visitors and travellers. Besides it you can also stay in PED rest house, HPTDC hotel Yamuna, Guru Surbhi Hotel, Mata Bala Sundri Sarai and many others hotels and private lodges.

Major Attractions in Paonta Sahib
Beside it, place have many other attractions those attract visitors from different places. These all are as below:
Assan Lake or Barrage Paonta Sahib
Khodra Dak Pathar, Paonta Sahib
Gurudwara Bhangani Sahib
Ram Temple
Nagnauna Temple
Shiva Temple
Yamuna Temple


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