A Ferrari Ride That Changed a Long Time Impression

I was among millions of those people who believed that nature’s supremacy can never be challenged by man. Well, I don’t necessarily mean a disaster or a calamity. Forget it. Let’s take it on the aesthetic aspect and the most thrilling experience alone. For example, the very sight of the Dover Beach or the Lost Gardens of Heligan can mesmerize a man into realizing the power of nature. But hold on.

My Trip to the UK
My first ever visit to the UK obliged me to change this opinion. Believe me, the innovations and the technologies brought about by man have their own aesthetic and thrill values as well. I don’t intend to say that man’s materials can equal that of natures, but wanted to divulge on my exciting experience with some monstrous machines.
I am not exaggerating when I say that my experience in the UK was nothing but a redefinition of rapture, whether in the sky, in the sea or on the road. Let me explicate with my experience on the Ferrari – the best one among the series of adventures I went through on my trip.
Yes! I had a flurry of road encounters with driving divines like the Lamborghini, Bentley, Porsche, Audi R8and some off-road driving thrills. Being an automobile addict, I tell you, none of those could equal my pursuit with the Ferrari.

The Day with the Ferrari
It was a clear and beautiful sunny afternoon in Yorkshire at the Elvington Race Track, where for the first time ever, I saw this supremely wonderful car. For a moment, I suspected if this beast was truly a creation of man. It took me some time to realize that soon I was going to be behind the wheels of one of the finest cars ever made on Earth.
It all started with a greeting and a registration process by experts and instructors who thereafter gave me a briefing on safety and driving techniques, highlighting the fastest and safest lines on the track. Then, I was advised to get a taste of the track by driving an ordinary alternate car around it. It was after this that I got my hands on the fabulous Ferrari.

While I am not the first person on earth to be showering praises on this little big car, only a few blessed ones under the sun could have gone through the emotions that I did on that day. This car is simply a miracle. Even today, I wonder if this car was created by God for the angels in the heaven!
As I got behind the wheels of this world-famous sports car, I could have a look at its engine from the rear view mirror. On blipping the throttle, I heard the roar of a lion in the Italian V8 engine. I could feel the vibration as the engine starts to power-pack itself. Call it a step by step narration or a move by move sensation; this is a driving experience that is hard to throw away from your memory.
What on Earth was I driving that day? It was really fast. But it could slow down faster than the movements of my eyelids. It was luxurious but did not lack the power of a super truck. It was a beautifully designed machine that did not show any signs of softness with its performance. It is aggressive but obeys your orders like a trusted soldier. So what do you call it? A beauty or a beast? It’s very simple. It’s a beautiful beast.

Well it’s not sheer power that makes the car so great. It’s not the styling, not the speed, not the elegance, not the luxury in it and not the safety. It’s the combination of all these that makes it an unbeatable car. This stunning super car has a gracious handling that makes you wonder if you are really travelling on the road. With its incredible stop-start speed control, one can easily rush through the challenging race track. And what fun it is to tear up the tarmac track! Well, as I keep telling you again and again this is the ultimate heaven on Earth.
Every single aspect of this car deserves a song of praise. From the steering wheel to the brakes, the tilt and the turn, the power of all the computerized handling, the acceleration, the pleasure of being inside the vehicle and so on – really cannot stop you from admiring it. The golden time spent inside the Ferrari hut (if I may call it that way), are the most unforgettable time I have ever spent in life.

The Drama Ends All of a Sudden 
It all happened so quickly that I really could not accept ‘the end of the road’. What a joy it was? And how painful it was to part from this supercar! It was a dream-like event. It took a lot of time for me to come out of the madness. As I slowly got out of this moving palace, I was complemented with a certificate to keep this auspicious day in mind. I thanked them and spent some time there giving my feedback's.
I hereby conclude believing that sometimes man’s skills and powers can complement the dominance of nature.


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  3. love this - solid writing - "beautiful beast" - nice :)


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