Proud to be an Himachali

Proud to be an Himachali
Jai Himachal: - I am really loved to my Himachal and use many types of word including “Mera Himachal”, “Apana Himachal”, “Sona Himachal”, “Chal Chebla Himachal”. Himachal Pradesh is called in Hindi (हिमाचल प्रदेश), in Punjabi (ਹਿਮਾਚਲ ਪ੍ਰਦੇਸ਼). Himachal Pradesh is one of the major and leading sate of India and one of the essentials part of the world. This is a state in Northern India. The state is bordered by Uttarakhand on south- east and by Tibet, China on the east, Jammu and Kashmir on north, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh on south and Punjab on west and south- west. Himachal Pradesh is also known as place of “Land of the God” or Devbhumi.

Interesting Facts about Himachal Pradesh
Here some of the interesting facts about Himachal Pradesh those become a more popular this beautiful state those are as below:-

Total Population of Himachal Pradesh (as per Census 2011)
The total population of Himachal Pradesh as per Census 2011 is 68.56 Lakh (6, 856,509).
The population of Female is 3,382,617.
The population of Male is 3,473,892.
The total population of Urban is 688,704 in which 371630 are males and remaining 317,074 are females.
The total population of Rural as per Census 2011 is 6,167,805 in which males are 3,102,262 and 3,065,543 are females.
Sex Ratio of Himachal Pradesh as per Census 2011 is 974 that are for each 1000 male and the sex ratio of female was 970 per 1000 males.

People and Main Culture of Himachal Pradesh
Major Religions in Himachal Pradesh are: - Punjabi, Hindu, Sikh and Muslim
Main Language Speak in Himachal Pradesh: - Hindi, Phari, Kangri, Sirmori and Punjabi mixtures
Famous Food: - Rice, Wheat and most popular Maize with lashi and sarso ka Saag

Economy of Himachal Pradesh: - Agriculture and services based
 Literacy Rate of Himachal Pradesh (as per Census of 2011)
The literacy rate of male is 2,791,542 (85.35 in percent).
And the literacy rate of females is 2,312,964 (65.61%).

Miscellaneous Facts about Himachal Pradesh
Himachal Day – 15th April
Himachal Statehood – 25th January
State Bird – Jajurana
State Animal – Snow lepord
State Flower – Pink Rodo
Districts in Himachal Pradesh – Twelve
First Chief Minister – Dr. Y.S. Parmar
Birth Rate – 17.5 per thousand
Per Capita Income (current price) – Rs. 24903
Per Capita Income (fixed price) – Rs. 11832

Medical Institutions in Himachal Pradesh
Hospitals in Himachal Pradesh – 89
Community Health Center in Himachal Pradesh – 66
Primary Health Center in Himachal Pradesh – 438
Ayurvedic Hospitals in Himachal Pradesh – 24
Alopethic Pub. Health Dispensary – 170
Homeopathic Dispencary – 14
Sub Health Center – 2069
Ayurvedic Despensary in Himachal Pradesh – 1118
Unani Dispensary – 3
Total Medical Insitutions – 3991

Famous Personalities of Himachal Pradesh:-
Preity Zinta: - Preity Zinta is one of the famous and successive actress form Himachal Pradesh Shimla. She is completing their study in Shimla. She has started her carrier the movie “Dil Se” that too with the top actor, Shah Rukh Khan. After that she gives back to back popular movies like Kal Ho Na Ho’, ‘Veer Zaara’, ‘Salaam Namaste’ etc.
Dilip Singh Rana: - Also known as “The Great Khali” from Himachal Pradesh in Sirmaur district. This is one of the famous names in WWE. He is one of the person form Himachal Pradesh who is in WWE. He is one of the huge man, 7 feet 3 inches tall weighing about 196 kg comes from the holy land of Himachal Pradesh.
Ruskin Bond- A Rhetoric Author: This is one of the famous names is the writing section all over the Himachal as well in India. He is a writer, was born in the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh.
There are many other peoples who made Himachal proud including Anupam Kher a Virtuoso actor from Shimla, Kangana Ranaut flim actress belongs to Bilaspur. Vice-President, Mr. Hamid Ansari also passes their 7th and 8th standard classes from St. Edwards School Shimla. Vijay Kumar is also one of the famous names in Himachal Pradesh. He is the one of the person who won silver medal in the individual 25 metre rapid fire pistol event at the 2012 Summer Olympics. Mohit Chauhan is one of the famous singer form Himachal Prdaesh in the Sirmaur District.

These are all the facts that makes me proud to be an Himachali. If you are also one of them comment below that post. And my also happy to see that here.


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