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Here I am find some of the photos of Kangra Valley, Kangra Valley Photos with these photos you can see the some of the tourism places in Kangra Himachal Pradesh. You can also see some of others pictures here like Folk dance pictures which shows the culture of Kangra Himachal Pradesh, Religious places snaps, as well some of other places. You really enjoy these pictures.
Folk Dance:-
Folk dance is famous in Kangra Himachal Pradesh which shows the culture of Kangra. Jhamakada is a group dance performed in Kangra. This dance is exclusively performed by women. The dance is accompanied by a variety of striking instruments and lyrical songs. In different-2 songs different dance will be. These dances really show the exact culture of Kangra Himachal Pradesh.

Folk Dance

Dance Shows the Culture 


Amazing Dance by Local Women

Group Dance

Gaddi Dance Always Famous

Tourist Places:-
Kangra is also famous for its attractions and high hill. There are numbers of places of attractions where you can spend your more over time that are bhagsunag waterfall, Dal Lake, Dhuladhar Ranges, Gaddi house, Kangra Fort, Kangra Mini Train, Pargliding at Dharamshala and Billing, Maharana Pratap Lake (Pong Dam), Palampur Kangra tea gardens, Naugal Cafe Palampur and many others. 

Dal Lake Dharmshala, Kangra (HP)

Dal Lake Dharmshala, Kangra (HP)

Dal Lake Dharmshala, Kangra (HP)

Eyes Catching view of Himalayas 

Dhauladhar Ranges

Houses in the really Valley

Kangra Mini Train

Maharana Pratap Lake (Pong Dam), Kangra (HP)

Night view Maharana Pratap Lake (Pong Dam), Kangra (HP)

Kangra Tea Gardens 

Bar Billing 

Palampur Negual Cafe

Paragliding in Manali

Bagashu watter fall near by Dharmsala


Religion Places:-
Kangra Himachal Pradesh is also famous for its devi devta & goddess. There are numbers of temples religious places in Kangra.
Brijeshwari Devi Temple in Kangra town.
Chamunda Devi Temple.
Shiva Temple at Baijnath. 
Masroor Rock cut Temple Kangra.
Chintpurni Devi Temple.

Baba Baroh Mandir Kangra.
Baba Baroh Mandir, Kangra (HP)

Chamunda Mata Temple

Masroor Rock Cut Temple, Kangra (HP)

Kangra Devi

Others Places:- There are some other places in Kangra Dharmshala Cricket Stadium is one of them. We can also try to find some other attractive destination for you where you can enjoy more and spend your holiday with more comfort.
Dharamshala stadium




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