Places to visit in Himachal

Himachal Pradesh the most effective place known for spending memorable holidays. The area is more popularly known intended for spending non-forgettable tranquil time. Himachal Pradesh is simply known for the natural splendor which in fact attracts everybody eyes. Tourists cannot keep themselves far away from the charm of this place as well as keep visitingagain from worldwide. Himachal Pradesh is blessed together with snow clothed mountain, verdant valleys, quick flowing rivers, diverse assortment of flora, fauna as well as avifauna kinds which raises its appeal and beautifies this land. The area is visited by the visitors from worldwide with unique interests as well as hobbies due to the fact this area has something to make available for everybody. The area is packed with beautiful attention catching foothills peaks, blossoming gardens and marvelous waterfalls helps make this place no less than heaven. This area never stops charming as the places sprinkles each and every time of all…

Top Attractions in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is a state in India to the extreme northern part of the Asian subcontinent. The state occupies a region of exquisite scenic beauty in the western Himalayas, mirroring an iridescent textures of lofty snow clad mountains, lush thick forested valleys, gigantic lakes, terraced verdant fields, cascading crystal water streams etc. In fact there is no wonder that the region got its name apt to its nature’s beauty. The word “Himachal” means “snowy slopes” and the word “Pradesh” means “State”. Apart from its captivating natural beauty, the region is also popularly known for its hill stations. Let’s look at some of the top attractions of Himachal Pradesh.

DALHOUSIE Dalhousie popularly grabs the attention of almost all the travellers around the world. This is one of the most beautiful hill stations in Himachal Pradesh that stands apart for its natural beauty. It is believed that the hill station is named after the 19th century governor General, Lord Dalhousie. A traveller who vis…

A Trip to Sahastradhara in Dehradun (Uttarakhand)

As we all aware India as well Himachal Pradesh is full of historical and hilly tourist places. All around India thousand of amazing destinations where one can enjoy their vacations, holidays with their family, friends, business partners and team members. Today in this article, I will take you on tour to Sahastradhara in Dehradun. Hope you all remember my last post where I’m cover or share my Chakrata Trip experience. As the title suggest today I’m here going to share another trip experience. This trip is from my office side. Dehradun is really a nice city and enables visitor’s lots of things to do. There are many places which actually will take you to the felling like heaven. And of them is Sahastradhara. This place is full of adventure attractions. Natural water fall is one of the best attractions in Sahastradhara.
If you happen to be in Dehradun then do not forget to visit Sahastradhara, a one of the best and most popular tourist places in the Uttarakhand. Especially this eye-catch…

Holi Mela in Sujanpur Himachal Pardesh

Holi is one of the popular festivals not only in Himachal Pradesh but also in the other parts of India. This festival is celebrated every year in February end or early March. As you all aware that Holi countdown is already stat and there are few days left to the majestic festival. This year this festival is celebrated in 17th of March. As we all know this festival basically of colours. It is the symbol of love and peace. Himachal is a land of festivals and fairs may be here any month without any fair and festival, every month there is festival with fair held at different regions of India.
So, Today I am come here with new Topic that is Holi Mela’s in Himachal Pradesh. There are total 12 districts in Himachal. In every district this festival is celebrated with full of joy. But few places such as Kullu, Palampur and Sujanpur where this festival is celebrated differ from other. Across Himachal Sujanpur Mela is most popular and amazing. Holi Mela in Sujanpur or Holi Fair in Sujanpur is in …

Old Famous Pani Puri Wala at Gurudwara Gali of Palampur

Pani Puri or Gol Gappa is most famous Indian street food as well chaat item. This is really yummy and spice dish and you must try when you are in India. This is a common street dish and you will find Pani Puri everywhere across India. I am trying this yummy dish many times with my friends during my collage time at the ‘Old Famous Pani Puri Wala’ at Gurudwara Gali of Palampur. They make Pani Puri by using well material.
In Hindi – आपइसेगोलगप्पा (Gol Gappa) कहतेहैंयापानीपूरी (Pani Puri)? नामसुनतेहीमुंहमेंपानीआजाताहै. इसकोगोलगप्पाभीकहतेहै. कभीहिमाचल, दिल्ली, कांगड़ायापालमपुरगुरुद्वारासड़कजायेंतोगोलगप्पेखानेकामौकामतछोडिये.
I am very well aware every dish is known in different places with different names on the bases of regions – its known as Gol Gappa (East India), Puchka (North India), Pani Puri (West and South India). In my Kangra Valleyof Himachal Pradesh it is known as Gol Gappa in Hindi गोलगप्पा. Fundamentally pani puris are generally little tennis balls manufactured from flour and …

Mata Ashapuri Temple Himachal Pardesh – One of the Famous Temple around Palampur

Hello... To all friends, I hope you all are very much aware about the Mata Ashapuri. Which is located at the top of the hill in tehsil Palampur (H.P) Himachal Pradesh. This is one of the very famous temples in district- Kangra. It’s comes under those temples which was built by Pandavas when they visit Himachal Pradesh during their “Ban-bas” time period. Distance from Palampur to Mata Ashapuri is 25 KM. It will take hardly 2-3 hours from Palampur to Ashapuri. There are also bus services or you can hire a Taxi from Palampur. On the way you can see The Ashapuri is surrounding with green hills, small rivers, small waterfalls etc which gives you full peace of mind and unbelievable journey experience. I’m sure if anyone will visit to Ashapuri he will never want to come back to his home, because it is situated on the top of hill so it will give you eye catching views which you will never see before. You will feel like the real Heaven on earth.

Why I am sharing this information with you, reason…

Deepavali (दीपावली) – One of the Popular Himachal Pradesh Festivals

Deepavali (दीपावली) is one of the most popular festivals not even in Himachal Pradesh but all around India. Festival is also celebrating by other countries including Singapore Mylisha etc. All the people’s wait this festival whole the year and enjoy a lot allot with their friends, family and relatives, send wishes to their loved one. So are you ready to celebrate Diwali 2013 Festival with your loved ones? It is just few days around the corner. Now one Question arises……! When is Diwali in 2013??
As we all know the date of this festival is falls in either in October or November each year, it’s depending on the series of the moon. In the year 2013 Diwali is on November 3 in India. In the past two or three years in India confusion on every festival how its exact date, same in Diwali festival 2013. But according to the Panchangam Calendar it is celebrating on 3 November.
Diwali is Indian festival and also celebrating in my District (Kangra) Himachal Pradesh every year with happiness. This …