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This blog site is for anyone who love to travel and know about Himachal and Kanga travel, attractions and culture. Especially, eveyone love to travel and planning your trip to different destinations across world. But Himachal is such wonderful place across region you never found beauty of high hills anywhere. Apart from that there are many attractive destinations you never seen before that. I'm here with this blog provide you brief information about Kangra, Himachal Pradesh travel destinations and also some of the major or eye catching destination around India such as Kerala, Taj Mahal etc. This blog is fully delegated to travel lovers. All the information that is written is best as per my knowledge and collected from different sources including internet, travel magazines, travel books. All the content that is in this blog site is not copied from anywhere. This blog is like my travel dairy where I am also share my travel experiences that are reaching by me with my family, friends collage mates and colleague and My Experience such as online shopping, travel experience and day to day knowledge that is gain form daily work (Affiliate Marketing, SEO both on page & off page, Online Marketing, Digital Marketing).
I am start posting on this blog July 2011 with the main purpose to provide great and better information and content to its readers. I am also travelling lover and travel many destination every year. Travel to different destinations is really a nice experience for everyone. There are numbers of visitors visit different destinations every year and get a new adventure.
This blog has no relation with any Company and any other organization. My main motto is to provide you best and quality content and better guidelines for travel in Himachal Pradesh India.

About Manu Kumar
Hello Friends, warmly welcome to Kangra Valley blog and let me formally introduce myself to you. I am a normal guy who is passionate about blogging, internet, computing and digital or affiliate marketing. I am basically from Palampur Himachal Pradesh. I am completing my schooling form Govt. Ser. School Rajpur and later finished corporate studies form G.G.D.S.D Collage Rajpur (Palampur). Now I am working in a affiliate or digital marketing company. You can also add me on Facebook. If any one wants to contribute some content here fell free mail me, but content should be related to Himachal or Kangra. He is currently work in Affiliate Marketing company and have rich experience in the SEM (search engine marketing & Affiliate marketing. He is also work as guest blogger and frequently writes on different topics such as fashion, lifestyle, how web shopping, how make money online, insurance and many others. 

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Holi Mela in Sujanpur Himachal Pardesh

Holi is one of the popular festivals not only in Himachal Pradesh but also in the other parts of India. This festival is celebrated every year in February end or early March. As you all aware that Holi countdown is already stat and there are few days left to the majestic festival. This year this festival is celebrated in 17th of March. As we all know this festival basically of colours. It is the symbol of love and peace. Himachal is a land of festivals and fairs may be here any month without any fair and festival, every month there is festival with fair held at different regions of India.

So, Today I am come here with new Topic that is Holi Mela’s in Himachal Pradesh. There are total 12 districts in Himachal. In every district this festival is celebrated with full of joy. But few places such as Kullu, Palampur and Sujanpur where this festival is celebrated differ from other. Across Himachal Sujanpur Mela is most popular and amazing. Holi Mela in Sujanpur or Holi Fair in Sujanpur is in full swing to warm you up with its different colours and cultures across Himachal Pradesh. Many people are visiting from different places to see this charming festival. The atmosphere at the mela will be definitely brings an adrenaline rush in you. From the stalls for shopping to dance performances (includes Punjabi Singers and actress), both arts and handicrafts really unforgettable. Sujanpur Holi Fair is celebrated in District Hamirpur and it’s an inter-state Holi fair. Sujanpur Holi Honest starts every year a short time before Holi and winds up after few nights of Holi. The venue pertaining to Sujanpur Holi Fair is in Municipal-Committee ground near the Sujanpur bus stand. This ground is consider because the heart of Sujanpur village. It adds this immense to beauty in this town. Some component of ground is now under control of Sainik classes.
I am also visited this mela with my friends and family members. I am finding here few arts and crafts of different religious, which are not regularly spotted in Sujanpur. I am remember day while I am entered in the mela, the first thing caught my eyes big beautiful decorated shopping stalls. Mela is considered to be the most auspicious mela. There are many other major attractions in the fairs such as bangle sellers, colourful apparels sellers, Ice Cream Wala, Pani Puri Wala, big different food stalls, circus and many more. Apart from those lots of kid’s accessories and toys, outlet of Kashmiri shawls, Pashmina shawls handloom crafts and lots more are available for sale. There’s no way to tell you about all the things you can see and do at the Sujanpur Fair in Himachal Pradesh. You should need to visit one time in your life in fair, you all definitely enjoy fair and culture.  
Images for Holi Mela in Sujanpur
Here I am also add few attractive and eyes catching pictures and images of Holi Mela in Sujanpur.

The main motto to adding this post is to expand the Himachal Pradesh culture across world. Hope you all like this post and share with your friend.
Thanks for reading!!!!!! Enjoy Your Holi!!!!!!

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Old Famous Pani Puri Wala at Gurudwara Gali of Palampur

Pani Puri or Gol Gappa is most famous Indian street food as well chaat item. This is really yummy and spice dish and you must try when you are in India. This is a common street dish and you will find Pani Puri everywhere across India. I am trying this yummy dish many times with my friends during my collage time at the ‘Old Famous Pani Puri Wala’ at Gurudwara Gali of Palampur. They make Pani Puri by using well material.

In Hindi आप इसे गोलगप्पा (Gol Gappa) कहते हैं या पानीपूरी (Pani Puri)? नाम सुनते ही मुंह में पानी जाता है. इसको गोल गप्पा भी कहते है. कभी हिमाचल, दिल्ली, कांगड़ा या पालमपुर गुरुद्वारा सड़क जायें तो गोलगप्पे खाने का मौका मत छोडिये.

I am very well aware every dish is known in different places with different names on the bases of regions – its known as Gol Gappa (East India), Puchka (North India), Pani Puri (West and South India). In my Kangra Valley of Himachal Pradesh it is known as Gol Gappa in Hindi गोलगप्पा.
Fundamentally pani puris are generally little tennis balls manufactured from flour and also semolina, rolled out in to very small puris and also deeply deep-fried with a older hue, cooled off and also kept within air restricted containers. Your hollow puri is slightly killed on the top and also stuffed with slightly all mashed potatoes, chopped onions and also nice chutney, then dipped within a chilled mint distinctive flavored tangy mineral water, and also consumed in its entirety, in a mouthful. Since you enjoy this pani puri, you are able to virtually feel the surge associated with tastes within your oral cavity, a variety of clean, tangy, hot tastes. Mostly I am prefer Gol Gappa while I am visit with my friends anywhere before after lunch or dinner.

One of my friends Sachin Sharma is frequently trying Gol Gappa at Old Famous Pani Puri Wala at Gurudwara Gali of Palampur. He is genuine guy he said my personal information is very simple and he is very simple, funny and kind hearted person. He is hate bloody fakers and love to make new friends. Here I am also adding one wonderful image of my friend that is capture while he is enjoy their Gol Gappa’s in Gurudwara Gali at Palampur. So if you visit Palampur Himachal Pradesh than never forget to try Pani Puri.

Map Guide of Gurudwara Road Palampur


Saturday, 23 November 2013

Mata Ashapuri Temple Himachal Pardesh – One of the Famous Temple around Palampur

Hello... To all friends,
I hope you all are very much aware about the Mata Ashapuri. Which is located at the top of the hill in tehsil Palampur (H.P) Himachal Pradesh. This is one of the very famous temples in district- Kangra. It’s comes under those temples which was built by Pandavas when they visit Himachal Pradesh during their “Ban-bas” time period. Distance from Palampur to Mata Ashapuri is 25 KM. It will take hardly 2-3 hours from Palampur to Ashapuri. There are also bus services or you can hire a Taxi from Palampur. On the way you can see The Ashapuri is surrounding with green hills, small rivers, small waterfalls etc which gives you full peace of mind and unbelievable journey experience. I’m sure if anyone will visit to Ashapuri he will never want to come back to his home, because it is situated on the top of hill so it will give you eye catching views which you will never see before. You will feel like the real Heaven on earth.

Why I am sharing this information with you, reason, now a days this temple requires lots of attention towards its maintenance and care. Our government paying attention even they provide road and transport facilities but still we are fail to take care of such old temples which are the pride or our state. Other states people are less aware about the Ashapuri temple. We need to make our effort towards its awareness among people. I still remember, in childhood time we visit Ashapuri temple 1-2 times in a year, even so many people done same. We spend whole night in temple which gives us different experience of life.

I want to do same experience again and again and I hope you people also want this. So I request to you all that visit Ashapuri temple every year with your family and relatives and help us to fame this temple not only in locality but in worldwide also.
Images of Mata Ashapuri: Here I am also added few images of Mata Ashapuri these all are as below:- 

Darshan of Mata Ashapuri 

Thank you for reading this and hope you will defiantly like this post.

Jai mata Ashapuri. !! 

About Author: - Rajat Goswami is normal guy like other from Palampur, he is web addict. He wakes up with the dream to search and implement something new every day. Currently he is pursuing MBA from GLA university Mathura. 

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Deepavali (दीपावली) – One of the Popular Himachal Pradesh Festivals

Deepavali (दीपावली) is one of the most popular festivals not even in Himachal Pradesh but all around India. Festival is also celebrating by other countries including Singapore Mylisha etc. All the people’s wait this festival whole the year and enjoy a lot allot with their friends, family and relatives, send wishes to their loved one. So are you ready to celebrate Diwali 2013 Festival with your loved ones? It is just few days around the corner. Now one Question arises……! When is Diwali in 2013??

As we all know the date of this festival is falls in either in October or November each year, it’s depending on the series of the moon. In the year 2013 Diwali is on November 3 in India. In the past two or three years in India confusion on every festival how its exact date, same in Diwali festival 2013. But according to the Panchangam Calendar it is celebrating on 3 November.

Diwali is Indian festival and also celebrating in my District (Kangra) Himachal Pradesh every year with happiness. This is also known as “Deepavali”, which is originated from the Sanskrit, this word Dīpāvalī in Hindi write as (दीपावली). This festival in reality runs for five days (Dhanteras, Chotti Diwali, Diwali, Padwa and Bhai Dooj), beginning with Dhanteras, although the main celebration happens on the third day. In the 2013 Dhanteras is on November 1, on that day people buy silver, gold and steel vessels and many other home essentials. All the people believed Goddess Lakshmi visits all the houses and blesses them with wealth and prosperity. November 2 is Naraka Chaturdashi also known as (Choti Diwali). November 3 is Diwali main day when all the Indian worship Goddess Lakshmi. Here I am also attaching table below you can clear more about Diwali in 2013 here:-
1 November 2013, Friday
2 November 2013, Saturday
Choti Diwali (Naraka Chaturdashi)
3 November 2013, Sunday
Diwali / Lakshmi Puja
4 November 2013, Tuesday
Padwa (Govardhan Puja/Annakoot)
5 November 2012, Wednesday
Bhaiduj (Yama Dwitiya)
It is celebrated for the victory of the Good over the Evil and Light over the Darkness. All the people decorate their houses with Diwali Diyas, Rangoli, flowers bowls, paper lanterns and different kinds of lights etc.  The genuine joy of this festival starts while blast firecrackers and its looks are amazing and more charming all around. Many of people’s send wishes in the form of flowers, greeting cards to their love one, relatives, friends and family members.
Things to do In Diwali?
Buy wide range of gifts for yourself and send to your love ones.
Broaden love and happiness by sending gifts, greeting cards etc.
Perform Pujas and prayers by using different kinds of Diwali Diyas and lights.
Plan a trip or visit religious places.
Get together and make sun fun…. Enjoying dance by playing different kinds of MP3 songs.
Make a Rangoli and decorate houses.
Shop for clothes, smart mobiles phones and celebrate Dhanteras.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Try Kangri Dham, Kangra Most Popular Occasional Food

Kangri Dham is one of the most popular occasional foods not even in Kangra district but around the Himachal Pradesh. This is also known as traditional lunch that is served in Kangra region of Himachal Pradesh in the traditional marriages of Himachal Pradesh. This particular occasional food is so popular most of us kangri’s, we frequently enjoy these Dham on every occasion arrange by our relatives, neighborhoods and others.
Kangri Dham is cooked by Boti’s only who are Brahmin. As you can see below, this food is cooked in the special vessels and by using special masalas. The preparations for Dham begin a night before with the help of all neighborhoods. All the neighborhoods get together for cutting the vegetables such as potato, tomato, beans, Gobi and many others. In the Kangri Dham includes many yummy and species dishes including plain rice, Madra (Panner, Rajmah, Mukund Badi/ Sepu Badi, While Grams etc.) different kinds of pulses and one of the best and popular is Chane ka Khatta, Palda and Meethe Chawal (sweet rice).

Kangri Dham Special Vessels

All the Dishes vary from the district to another as per local culture. In the Kangra Dham is not complete without “Kaale Chane ka Khatta”. After completing all the dishes, all the dishes served one by one. For enjoying these dishes all the people’s setting on floor in lines.

Images of Kangri Dham: Here I am also adding some of the Kangri Dham Images and hope you will enjoy these all like this post. 

Images of Kangri Dham

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Shop Online With and Save More on Each Order

As we all know the concept of online shopping in India is increasing day by day due to its better and well customize services. Today through online you can shop each and everything at any-time even book hotels, flights tickets by just few mouse clicks. There are many big players in the e-commerce market such as,, Amazon India, are shopping portals and,, Jet airways and many more under travel portals category. You can easily fulfill your desire including clothing, apparels, home essentials, shoes, jewellery, mobiles, computers, baby products, sunglasses, beauty, health as well as travel. But everyone not easily ready to shop online, some people think to shop online is not a safe and it’s more costly. In India there are number of online cash back and voucher codes sites provide you better deals and updated vouchers from time to time without any hidden charges. You just need to find your desire one that suits your requirements.

In the current time moreover wants to shop their stuff online, they all are explore their shopping experience
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As you know all the deals and cash back coupons comes with certain time validity and after that they will expire and provide any types of discount or benefit. I am also online shopping addict and frequently use voucher codes and coupons while shop on the web. I have seen a number of discount codes sites that uses expired codes or not updated on daily bases. CashKaro is one such place that provides the updated discount coupons that gives maximum discounts to its users. You simple need to read the term and condition of specific deal and click to copy and visit the website. Now add copied code in the checkout window to avail your professed value.
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Types of Cash Back and Coupons Offered by CashKaro
Site offers the following categories of coupon codes:-
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Online Shopping Experience with Jabong

Something about Jabong: As we all know is one of the major and primary players in online shopping market India. The main motto of this online company provides best quality or trendy branded products to their online shoppers at very competitive prices. is really one stop destination for all fashion toward people’s or those looking trendy and fashionable apparels, shoes, bags, beauty products, jewellery, fragrances at very economical prices. Here you can shop by categories, its products catalogues includes plenty of categories such as men, women, kids, home & furniture, sports, new arrivals, top brands and sale etc. You can easily choose your best products according to your desire.

They mainly focus on customer satisfaction and offer products that they need and provide a hassle free shopping experience.

Today I am here explaining my first online shopping experience with As, I am online shopping addict and shop online many products including shoes, shirts, mobile phone and accessories etc. But with this is first shopping experience. Here I am very sure many of my friends already shopped with then and if you not shopped with Jabong till the end, believe me you are missing out an amazing and fabulous shopping experience.
My shopping experience had begun when I am setting on bed with my friend and searching shoes pair for me on the web. I found two or three good website on the web and one of them is Jabong. I am still remembering that day; it was 15th August 2013 Independence Day and heavy rainfall from outside. Now my friend suggests me to please search on Brown Shoe category, they say this is really nice category under Jabong while you shop for trendy boot. Then I am type a keyword in the search option that is Brown Boot, I am really surprise to see the collection of different boot brands here. Here I am found one the shoe “Red Tape Brown Boot” I am always dream to shop that type of shoes for me and I am happy to see that my dream is now convert in reality after few minutes.

Before adding this pair of shoe, I am searching on the web Jabong Coupon Code as usual all online shoppers. If you are new under online shopping and not know about coupon codes and voucher, let me clear the meaning on codes and vouchers first. Coupon codes and discount vouchers are in the form of numeric or alphabetic or combination of both for example FASHION50, ADDATIONAL30, FREEDOM35, 25%OFF etc. These codes helps you to avail huge discount while shop online. You just need to use right code at right time.  While I am searching on the web Jabong discount code find awesome online website that is and another one is I am really thankful to these websites give me a voucher code that is FREEDOOM30 (On Independence Day 15 August 2013)

This coupon is applicable on minimum purchase of 2999 and above. The shoe I am wanted to shop is INR 3295. As you see the in picture, there is a option of check delivery time and COD (cash on delivery) availability. As you known Jabong also offer cash on delivery facility to all metro cities only, but I want to receive this order in Himachal Pradesh there is COD is not available.

Independence Day 2013 Special Jabong Coupon Code

Before making a final payment I am just copy and paste desire voucher and paste in the checkout window and happy to see in my cart value is reduced INR 998. Now the total value of my cart is INR 2307 and also avail free shipping facility. I am make payment through net banking payment option. With this product company also offer me 30 days return policy, and 3 months warranty against manufacturing defects.
Before completing my payment I received a message on my mobile phone and mail in my Gmail id from marketing personnel. I was expecting my shipment on 27th August (Tuesday), but it will be dispatched right to my office on 18th August (Monday). I am really happy to see the shipping services on Last time 
I am order casual shoe from another online portal that will be dispatched after 12 days from the date of confirmation. It’s really a great experience to shop online with This is called pocket friendly shopping experience with Jabong.
I am also suggest my friends and readers, if you planning to shop online for trendy apparels, shoes and accessories you will never find deals and services like I assure 100% satisfaction if it is Jabong that you select for shop online.
Main Reason to Shop Online at
  1. Here plenty of reason of to shop online from this company
  2. Wide collection of different brands products
  3. Pocket friendly experience by using latest deals and vouchers
  4. Free shipping facility on moreover online orders
  5. Cash on delivery option on metro cities
  6. 24x7 hours customer supports
  7. 30 days free and hassle free return policy
Suggestion to for Deal with Jabong
If you are really make a plan to shop online any trendy apparel, shoes and accessories at You just need to browse and choose your best product that suit your desire or full fill your requirements. Then for your satisfactions please compare the price and brand of product that is your cart with other online portals. I am definitely sure you will never find deal or products like Jabong. Before making a final payment must search appropriate Jabong Discount Codes and deals that will helps you to avail further discount. All the deals and voucher are valid certain time period, so must sure specific deal or voucher validity before using then because a valid code gives you discount. For all latest deals and offers subscribe Jabong Coupons newsletter and get all the updates and discounts on your mailbox daily bases.

If anyone where here who shop online from Jabong or any other online portal also share your own views under the comment section. Comment section is only for its readers and viewers.
Happy Shopping.....! Manu Jamwal

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Rakhi Festival in Himachal Predash- The Thread of Love

As we all know Himachal Pradesh is mainly known for its traditions, rich culture and festivals. Among all the fairs and festivals celebrated Himachal, Rakhi in Himachal Pradesh is one of the popular festival enthusiastically awaited by all the sisters and celebrated with enthusiasm and joy. ‘Rakhi’ festival and ‘Raksha Bandhan’ (the bond of protection) is one of the famous festivals not in Himachal Pradesh but all over India. This festival is a unique symbol of love between a sister and a brother and shows the deep human emotions. This festival is also known as the thread of love and celebrated every year in the month of April by tying a holy thread around the write. The brother in return offers a unique gift to his sister.  If you wish to know when is Rakhi in 2013? Then this is to inform you that Rakhi 2013 celebrated on Wednesday, August 2013.

Rakhi Festival in Himachal
When is Rakhi Celebrated in Himachal Pradesh? The Rakhi festival in Himachal Pradesh is observed on the full moon day of day of the Hindu month of Shrvan. All the sisters of that day set special customs and appeals for wear. Sisters wake up early in the morning and take bath after that they busy to cook a special food with her mother and also one special sweet dish. After that sisters arrange a traditional Rakhi Puja Thali which includes Tika, Mithai, Rakhi, Diya and other few items. After that sister apply Tika on this forehead and then tie Rakhi on her brother wrist. In return of this brother promise or give your words to protect their sister from all the troubles and also give some gifts to her sister.

When is Rakhi Festivals Celebrated 2013, 2014 and 2015??
Each on the festivals comes in different dates in Himachal Pradesh India. In the year Rakhi celebrated on Wednesday August 21. Holi 2013 is also comes Wednesday.
Rakhi 2013 celebrated in Wednesday August 21.
Rakhi 2014 celebrated in 10 August.
Raksha 2015 Bandhan will fall on 29 August.

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Memorable Trip by Road with My Friends from Paonta Sahib to Chakrata Uttarakhand

As you all know I am from Himachal Pradesh Kangra district and proud to be a Himachali. I am believe Indian culture including Himachal Pradesh is one of the most famous and colourful culture around the world. The main reason of behind it honesty people’s, our languages, art, music, dance etc. One place where you can really see the diversity and complexity of this culture is the Himachal Pradesh Kangra. There are also some of the places nearby or side from Himachal..... Where you can enjoy more and get a new adventure able travel experience. I am here talking about Chakrata Uttarakhand that is 71 KM away from the Paonta Sahib Himachal Pradesh.

On the month of February I and my friends make a plan to visit most famous and fascinating destination in Dheradhun district in the state of Uttarakhand, India. I am really remember that day of February highly rain fall and me and my friends setting on the office. Suddenly one of my friends came and talks about Chakrata Uttarakhand. Till the end I am not known about that such a wonder full place. He said with me why should we don’t make a trip to Chakrata for 2 or three days. Within a few minutes we are searching on the web about Chakrata and its attractive destinations and some of the accommodations.  We are only 8 guys including me Manu Jamwal, Ashu Ashwani, Mukul Vyas, Sanjeev Tantora, Gourav Dhiman, Vikash, Pardeep Sharma and Vaibhav Sain and book a hotel for night stay named Hotel Snow View. My friends decided to hair a car it’s more comfortable for group travel rather than visit through local buses.

My journey to Chakrata Uttarakhand hill station January 2013 starts from Paonta with a crazy Cap. It was the evening time while we started own journey and there are huge traffic on the road like other Indian roads. We are sharing and very comfortable seats in the cap and going with listening music, sharing cool drinks snacks or food and making fun. The main motto of this our trip to shown the snow fall and attain a new travel adventure experience. After 3 and half hours we will at Chakrata Uttarakhand bus stand. This place is really new for everyone so we are wasting little time to search on the hotel Snow View. All my friends including me happy once we arrived at hotel. After that one of my friends orders some of the fast food and soft drink and water. After little time we all are dance on the hotel room with different Punjabi and Himachali songs and after that enjoy delicious and yummy food.

Hmmm........ Enjoy dance with my friends in hotel room. This is really nice movement. Scary these types of movements can make your friendship stronger.  We had to prove it!! And let the journey begin… Bhooom!
All of my friends get ready early morning and happy to see the weather around Chakrata. After take a few food and drink we all are going to accomplish our main motto that to see the sown fall in the Chakrata hill station. The owner of the hotel suggests us where we can find nice look for snow and also provide some of the attractive destinations around Chakrata. Till the end we all are on final destination...... you all are close your eyes and just imagine how the view of the valley. I am really happy to see that and got impresses and feel Proud to be an Indian. All my friends playing with show for long time.

First click on the snow valley Chakrata Uttarakhand......... really memorable

My best friend Mukul Vyas playing with snow. This one of the nice click by my friend Gourave Dhiman.

After playing some of my friends plan to go on the top of the valley, it’s around 4 or 5 KM from my destinations. I am really enjoy my journey in this place and wish to visit again. In the Chakrata hill station I meet friendly people and avail many good memories.

Unforgettable..... The expression on eyes and faces!

My friend Ashu Ashwani ..... give a sign to start journey for that point. This is really a great tracking experience for all..!

Little Bit About Chakrata in Uttarakhand
Chakrata is one of the eye catching and fascinating destination in the Dheradhun district of Uttarakhand. This amazing destination visited by numbers of foreigners and Indian people’s every year. This is a basically cantonment area positioned between Tons River and Yamuna. This place is fully covered with oak trees and around 71 KM from Paonta Sahib Himachal Pradesh and around 100 KM North West of Dheradhun. This is really very nice and peaceful place and mostly you can enjoy of nature here. If you are plan to spend your holidays at one of the adventure able destination with your family, friends and love one then this really great place where you can get a new travel experience. The best time to visit this valley is April to June and September to November, but if you are visit here for doing some adventure then must visit in the month of December to February.
A real view of  Chakrata hill station....... miss this valley

Places to see in Chakrata
Following is the most famous places and attractions around Chakrata. These are as below:

Tiger Falls: Tiger falls is one of the major attraction in Chakrata is just 20 KM form Chakrata Uttarakhand. If you visit in Chakrata then don’t forget to visit in Tiger Falls with stock of food, snacks, soft drinks and beers. This is really an amazing experience to see this waterfall. This is one of the highest waterfalls in India falling from a height around 312 feet. Number of visitor visit this place and take millions of clicks with their mobiles phones and cameras.  
Tiger Fall Picture in  Chakrata

Chilmiri Neck: This is the peak point of Chakrata valley. Around this place quarters and mess of military cantonment are located. Here you can easily see the massive Himalayan peaks like Rohini Peak, Swarga Peak etc.

Kanasar: This place is just 28 KM away from Chakrata. This is also one of the famous places around Chakrata loaded with different kinds of tress such as deodar, pine etc.

Ram Tall Horticulture Garden: This garden is just 12 KM far from the Chakrata hill station and loaded with beautiful sloppy hills at Chakrata Mussoorie road.

This is really memorable and amazing trip to Chakrata hill station via road, as you can enjoy the scenic beauty of mountains, pleasant weather of valley and rivers. Till the end I really miss all these movements..... Really love this place and want to visit again.